World of Batala

Batala Liverpool is part of a much bigger family of over 20 Batala bands worldwide (over 800 drummers in total), presenting a unique opportunity to each of our members to travel and visit any of our sister bands around the world.

Batala in Brazil

All the Batala bands meet every year in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil for the world famous Brazilian Carnival festival. Batala has a house next to  the historic UNESCO World heritage site of Pelourinho, and that's where we stay while rehearsing, visiting the sites and learning about the local culture.

We also learn how and where our costumes and drums are made, meet those involved in the production, and visit the social project that is partly maintained by the fair trade agreement: Instituto Oya

All this culminates with us performing side-by-side with Cortejo Afro, rising stars of the Bahian scene in North-eastern Brazil, at the famous Brazilian Carnival festival during the 4-day celebration.


Batala Around The World

"Encontros" are annual gatherings held each year and hosted by one of the Batala bands and Batala visitors from around the world come together to play, learn new material, and experience local culture. La Rochelle held the first ever Encontro in 2004 and 2005 followed by Liverpool in 2006, Brazil in 2008, Barmouth in 2009, Guadeloupe in 2010, Central Massif in 2011 and Paris in 2012. This is just one way we can become part of the family, experience the music, learn from each other and of course travel the globe in the spirit of Batala!

The Batala bands also have the opportunity to get together at other annual festivals around the world such as the Notting Hill Carnival in London, the Brazilica Carnival in Liverpool, La Fete de La Musique in Paris and Brazilian Day in New York.


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